Zoom was founded by a local Greystones family in 2007 as a friendly destination for kids and parents/caregivers to play. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids and a comfortable place for adults to hang out with other parent friends and have a good cup of coffee and something to eat.

After having kids of our own, we wanted to create a place where we would want to go to enjoy our time as much as our kids. We wanted Zoom to be a community destination with play, food, events and parties that would be fun for kids AND the parents/caregivers alike.  

We came from successful careers in the airline industry and this afforded us the opportunity to visit some unique locations and experiences from around the world.  Our goals was to bring these ideas back to Zoom and translate them into kid friendly fun.  The hurricane tunnel and floating balls were inspired from a trip to Chicago Children's Museum.  Our passion for healthy homemade food was top priority to us for a wholesome menu.  We support the local community by hiring students and we are proud to see so many of our Zoom friends go through college and onto successful careers.  We sought the very best partners for the climbing frame design and went to town on the fun factor with a ball cannon, a double helix slide and a maze of tunnels and obstacles.  We didn't forget the littles with their own dedicated space that includes a right sized obstacle course, soft climbing wall, fun mirror and ball pit.  The parents get their own fun with easy and free parking and wifi, soft seating, freshly brewed Java Republic Coffee and tasty treats from our very own kitchen.

Our children are lucky enough to have cousins that live in California, New Jersey and England who love to visit Zoom often and you can spot some of them in the pictures on the walls.  

We truly enjoy seeing so many amazing families play together and we love being part of the Greystones family community.  Come visit us soon!


i tried to teach my child with books she gave me only puzzled looks

i tried to teach my child with words they passed by him, oft unheard

in despair, i turned aside: "how shall i teach this child?!" i cried

into my hand she put the key: "come", she said, "and play with me!"